Használt áramfejlesztők

Egy használt áramfejlesztő megvásárlása több előnnyel is jár, általában ez a leg költséghatékonyabb módja egy cég energiaellátásának

Azomban használt áramfejlesztő vásárlásánál több dologra is figyelmmel kell lenni, és körültekintően kell választani.

Buying a used diesel generator has several advantages.  Pre-owned units are often the most cost-effective way of fulfilling, both small and large companies’ requirements.

There are certain things to consider when purchasing a used diesel generator.  First you need to calculate your power requirements.  This can be done by using our Power usage calculator.

Once you have decided what size / power output you will need, several further factors need to be taken into account before making your choice:

  1. Age
  2. History
  3. Usage (Prime, Standby or emergency)
  4. Manufacturer
  5. Any damage/wear and tear
  6. Load test results

Used generator hours

Generators have an odometer which records the hours of usage.  Generally speaking a low hour generator is a better option although other attributes should be considered.  If possible, find out what the generator was previously used for.  As a rule, generators that have been used as standby or emergency power supply will have less hours on their odemeter and better maintenance records than one that has been a primary power source.

If this information is not available we can advise you, using our technical expertise and experience, on the condition and probable prior usage of the machine.  We will have inspected, tested and fixed anything necessary to ensure all used generators are in the best condition possible.

The manufacturer is extremely important in your decision making process.   Generators are an expensive investment to be used to fulfil a specific essential purpose that you will come to rely on.  We can advise you on which manufacturer may be more suitable to your specific requirements.